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X-Rays and Diagnostic Services

Visit UCare Urgent Care for all of your diagnostic needs, by an experienced physician and diagnostic technician who can provide accurate and timely medical results. We are a walk-in clinic located in El Paso TX and Lee Trevino Drive TX. For more information, call us today! 

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X-Rays & Diagnostics Q & A

When you or a loved one suffers from an injury or illness, one of the first steps to correctly treat you is properly diagnosing your ailment. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the type of injury or illness, and requires an experienced physician to perform the appropriate tests. For some medical problems, an X-ray is required while for others, laboratory tests are the best option. When you walk into UCare Urgent Care for all of your diagnostic needs, you will be helped by an experienced physician and diagnostic technician who can provide accurate and timely medical results. We are a family friendly walk in urgent care clinic in El Paso, TX that provides a wide variety of medical services to patients of all ages. Our team knows that your family has a busy schedule, so we provide our diagnostic services every day of the week on a walk in basis and can provide you with fast and timely results. While many families opt for hospital urgent care centers, these can often require hours of waiting time for an appointment, and even longer for receiving diagnostic results. At our walk in clinic, we provide the fast and accessible services that patients need, and can even provide you with the paperwork and X-ray images that you need to receive care from a personal physician or specialist.

X-rays are a way to diagnose injuries and illnesses with high accuracy and speed, and are an advanced method offered at our urgent care clinic. At UCare Urgent Care, we have the newest technologies and the technicians to provide you with accurate X-ray results. Our experienced team of radiologists review every X-ray and confirm the interpretation to ensure a correct diagnosis. From there, our team of physicians can work with you to provide the appropriate treatment or can easily send them to your primary physician for interpretation as well. Our team at UCare Urgent Care takes the time to explain your X-ray results to you, and can help you understand the recovery process for your injury or illness.

In addition to our diagnostic X-ray services, we offer on site laboratory testing at our clinic on a walk in basis. We can test for conditions such as strep throat, flu, urinary tract infections, tuberculosis, blood glucose levels, and many more! Our team delivers fast results with minimal waiting time, so that you can quickly take action to properly treat your medical illness.

If our time-saving diagnostic services at UCare Urgent Care sound like the perfect option for you, then we welcome you into our clinic today- no appointment required. Our team looks forward to providing you with accurate and fast diagnostics every day of the week at UCare Urgent Care in El Paso, TX!