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Food Poisoning Treatment Clinic

Food Poisoning Treatment Clinic in El Paso and Horizon City, TX

Food poisoning can make you severely sick and feel uncomfortable. Our experienced medical professionals at UCare Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic can help you with your food poisoning symptoms. To consult, contact us today, we are open 07 days a week. We are a walk-in clinic located at Horizon City TX, on North Zaragoza Rd. in El Paso TX, and on Lee Trevino Dr. in El Paso TX.

Food Poisoning Treatment Clinic Near Me in El Paso, TX and Horizon City, TX
Food Poisoning Treatment Clinic Near Me in El Paso, TX and Horizon City, TX

Table of Contents:

What are the types of food poisoning?
What are the symptoms of food poisoning?
What causes food poisoning?
Can urgent care treat food poisoning?

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It graces our senses with savor and sweetness, bringing feelings of bliss with every bite. Not only does it taste good, but it also provides our bodies with nutrients, vitamins, and other essential minerals that our bodies convert to use as energy. However, in the wonderful assortment of edible arrangements, food can also have sordid effects on the body, such as the case with spoiled food. The consumption of contaminated comestibles can lead to food poisoning, which causes illness-related symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pains.

What are the types of food poisoning?

There are hundreds of types of viruses and bacteria that can cause food poisoning, with at least 250 types documented. Although the list is long and extensive, some are more common than others, including E. coli, listeria, salmonella, and norovirus.
Food poisoning can be transferred from:

• Unwashed hands handling food
• Unwashed raw fruit or veggies
• Undercooked or raw meat
• Room temperature food that should be refrigerated
• Cross-contamination of food bacteria
• Incorrectly prepared or stored meats
• Unpasteurized milk
• Spoiled dairy products or soft cheeses
• Unwashed cutting boards, bowls, or knives

What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

The exact symptoms of food poisoning and their severity can greatly vary depending on the kind of bacteria, virus, or parasite that is causing the infection, the amount of them present in one’s system, and how well a person’s immune system can fight the infection.

Although there is a very wide range of types of food poisoning, they often share these common symptoms:
• Diarrhea
• Nausea
• Vomiting
Other common food poisoning symptoms may include:

• Bloating and gas
• Fever
• Muscle aches
• Weakness
• Belly pain and cramping
In some cases, food poisoning can cause severe symptoms, which should be addressed immediately to minimize the risk of complications. These include:
• Repeated vomiting; inability to hold down food
• Signs of dehydration, such as:
• Dry mouth
• Little or no urination
• Dizziness
• Sunken eyes
• Any diarrhea in a newborn or infant
• Diarrhea that lasts longer than 2 days
• Severe diarrhea that causes discomfort
• For children, diarrhea that lasts longer than one day
• Severe gut pain
• Fever of 102ºF or higher
• Rectal temperature of 100.4ºF in babies 3 months of age or younger
• Black, tarry, or bloody stools
• Muscle weakness
• Tingling in the arms
• Blurry vision
• Confusion
• Diarrhea or flulike illness in pregnant women
• Jaundice (yellow skin)

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is imperative to visit an urgent care doctor as soon as possible.

What causes food poisoning?

Food poisoning is most commonly caused by food that is not refrigerated, although it can also occur in well-maintained food. It most commonly affects:

• Poultry
• Vegetables and Leafy Greens
• Fish and Shellfish
• Rice
• Deli Meats
• Unpasteurized Dairy
• Eggs
• Fruit
• Sprouts

Can urgent care treat food poisoning?

Yes! Urgent care doctors can help you to receive immediate attention and medical care for food poisoning. These doctors commonly treat food poisoning; in fact, there are over 48 million reported cases of food poisoning every year in the US, which translates to 1 in 6 Americans. A large amount of these cases are handled at urgent care centers, which provide professional and preventative healthcare to patients at an affordable price.
If you are experiencing symptoms of food poisoning, come to UCare Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic. Our kind and compassionate professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to each patient, at every visit, and can help you recover from food poisoning quickly and safely. For more information on the treatment options available or to make an appointment with our experienced doctor at UCare Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic, please call us or schedule an appointment through our website. We hope to hear from you soon! We serve patients from El Paso TX, Horizon City TX, Lee Trevino Drive TX, Fort Bliss TX, Mission Valley TX, Resler Canyon TX, Alfalfa TX, Montwood TX, and BEYOND.

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